Medical school is an intense and demanding undertaking, and most people will never understand the effort, discipline, and energy it takes to survive, let alone to succeed, in medical school. Medical school doesn’t teach you to practice medicine, that’s what your residency is for. However, Medical school is a place where you will evolve from a college student into a professional. It’s designed to change the way you think and behave by pushing your limits.

During medical school, you will be forced to study more than you ever imagined possible. You will be expected to memorize endless amounts of information in unreasonably short periods of time. You will experience sleepless nights, overwhelming stress, unreasonable work loads, social distractions, family issues, and more. But don’t let yourself get burned-out. 

Medical school burn-out is often a result of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. At some point, every student will feel overwhelmed with their work load and unable to keep up with the demanding curriculum. 

Symptoms of burn-out usually consist of mental exhaustion, fatigue, day-dreaming, frustration, and unwillingness to study.  Burn-out often leads to declining academic performance and loss of interest and motivation in medical school. 

Experiencing burn-out is an inevitable reality. Initially, you began med school full of excitement and energy to become a doctor. But there will come a point when you will question if you made the right decision. Don’t give up. 

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